Our Vision:

To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of fragrance products in Indonesia


Our Mission:

To bring quality fragrance and personal care products to the masses, without compromising on safety



Our Brands:


 One of the largest perfume manufacturing companies in Indonesia/South-East Asia.

 2 production facilities: Kapuk Muara, Jakarta and Sentul, Bogor.

 Distribution centres in 17 cities across the archipelago.

 Available at traditional and modern retail outlets across Indonesia, served by our distribution network.

 Export to Africa, Middle East, and ASEAN.

 All our products contain fragrances that were crafted by European fragrance houses.




Casablanca embodies confidence and boldness in a fragrance from France. “Siapapun jadi percaya diri karenanya” - Anyone can believe in themselves because of Casablanca. Even though Casablanca is our longest-running brand, we continue to innovate and rejuvenate our products.


Bellagio Homme was crafted for the high-flying jet-setter; the adventurous gentleman living in the fast lane, the man who works hard and plays hard, in pursuit of life’s pleasures – men with the “Adrenaline for Success”. Regazza Femme was envisaged as the ideal fragrance to suit all occasions, for sophisticated women who seeks nothing less than “The One” – women with the “Passion for Perfection”. Together, Bellagio Homme and Regazza Femme form our premium product line for the affluent individual.


Camellia, Watchout and Marie Jose complement our main brand in making our product more accessible for the masses. They represent our value personal care for the budget-conscious consumer who does not want to compromise.




Priskila was founded in 1980 in Jakarta, Indonesia by Liong Juen Fat. A man who was passionate about perfumes and scents, he named the company after his other love - his wife.


From its humble beginnings as a small-scale manufacturer with a small retail outlet in Pasar Pagi, Priskila has grown to become one of the largest perfume companies in South-East Asia. We now have 2 production facilities: Kapuk Muara, Jakarta and Sentul, Bogor with a total size of over 75.000 m2. Our distribution network has also expanded across the archipelago, with offices in 19 cities.


We also continue to develop and expand our product line to adapt to changing trends and taste. In 2003, we introduced Casablanca Deodorant Roll-on – clear, fragrant, and stain-free.


The late 2000’s saw the launch of our premium line of products, with Bellagio Homme in 2008, and Regazza Femme in 2010. In this period, Priskila also started to partner up with personal-care product manufacturers across the globe to expand its business


Looking ahead, Priskila will find ways to innovate and satisfy our users. We are always thinking of ways to keep our product range fresh, and we are constantly improving our distribution network to get to our consumers more effectively. Our passion is in perfumes, and we want touse our expertise to make high-quality and safe perfumes accessible.



The certificate verifies all products are Halal according to Moslem Law

Halal Certificate



Good Manufacturing Practices to verifies all of our process production according to International Standard

GMP Certificate